The End of All Things

Welcome to The End of All Things.

This blog will focus on concepts, depictions, and analysis of the apocalypse in film.  However, any analysis of the apocalypse in contemporary culture requires reference to other popular media such as documentary sources, fiction, non-fiction, static imagery, etc. Thus posts will not be exclusive to film even though that is primary mission of this project.

Posts will also be a mix of personal and academic reactions to the apocalypse in film.  I hope to brush off my literary criticism/film studies chops — which have collected dust since I completed my Master of Arts in English in 2009.  By doing so, posts will offer both academic and colloquial flavors.  In such a way, I hope, this site will be accessible to non-academic readers while offering academic analysis to support any claims or observations made.

My mission is to compile a list and watch as many movies about the apocalypse as possible — from the earliest example (Verden Undergang 1916) to contemporary examples — in doing so I hope to identify trends, concepts, meanings, and social functions these films may (have) play(ed) through out the decades.

I will try post at least once weekly as this blog progresses — and through my posts I hope to generate discussions in the comments on each post, even if those comments refute everything I write :).


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