Apocalyptic Politics

After considering it for a bit, I decided to expand this site to include political observations — and where I can I will tie them to post-apocalyptic media.  For example, if I were to talk about Trump/Kim Jung Un summit, I might talk about the movie Defcon 4 (look it up on your tube, it’s from 1985 — in the mean time, here’s the trailer).

I remember that movie scaring the hell out of me as a kid — but as an adult it’s so bad it’s good — and does have a something to say about our cultural anxiety at the item — with Reagan’s finger on the button.

Back to politics, I have always had a big interest in politics and have, from an early age, an activist — or try to be — mostly through my words (essays, rants, poems, etc).

For example:


Trudging in a deepening swamp
it’s muddy surface like angry faces
all shouting — passionate and loud
raising a hot wind with crippling gusts
made of too many words, swirling
thick and moist, clouding thoughts
blurring vision, no shore in sight
must put up a fight, put up a fight


With that, I am going to start looking to expand my mission — even though that mission has only produced minimal output lately.  To be honest I am brushing up on my political education — reading the basics — like intro to political science text books.

I want to be informed and have a solid foundation of the processes of our government before I begin to make arguments about how it is working in practice.  I think if we can get back to the basics — not in the Tea Party “Founding Fathers” BS sense — but a clear understanding of how our Constitution is designed to create checks and balances (yeah right — that’s happening *snark*) and afforded or limited power to the various branches we can revitalize and strive for “a more perfect union”.

If we know how it’s supposed to work, which I am afraid most American’s don’t, we can education, protest, and petition our way to back to the balance this country truly needs.