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I have come to believe the only way to really ensure any American culpable or complicit (remember it’s illegal to not report a felony — Mitch McConnell) in the Russia effort to elect Trump, is to turn public opinion against the conspirators and enablers so strongly there are pitchforks in the streets (metaphorically speaking, of course).

I am not sure, however, what tactic(s) can be used to flip the nut-bar 30% of people who are completely on the Trump-train.  I don’t mean we need to flip them to Democrats — actually I don’t want to flip many of them to Democrats (racists wouldn’t fit in).  I would like to see them at least find the classic patriotism that once held us together around a single common concept — being an American. This will be no easy task, as I have been hearing reports of polls showing increased approval of Putin by some Americans!

I think probably the best way to change minds is to take over media — pour money into left-wing radio shows and get them in markets that don’t have any media options other than Rush and his type.  Maybe we can convince Tom Steyer (or others) to buy out media outlets that pour out extreme conservative opinions all day — often in areas where that’s this only talk radio available — and add or change programming to be more centrist in its message.

I am not against Russia, perse’, just against tactics that make my vote less valuable.  My vote was already margin at best, but it feels even more margin — and this is what we need to make the 30% hard righters understand — that really, in the end they are throwing away thier freedom and right at self-governance by following Trump and ilk down the corruption rabbit hole.

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It’s (not) All About Devin “The Dunce” Nunes

Ya know, nothing says “I’m a lap-dog for Donald Trump” like Devin Nunes is saying by beating a dead dossier conspiracy for the 15th time.

However, this time Nunes is taking a slightly different approach — while still interested in defending Trump’s “pristine” reputation — he is working to smear the FBI for acting as some deep state-esque partisan entity out to sabotage the Trump campaign (which is kinda funny, cuz Trump won)!

To do so, he’s trying to get a host people to testify publicly in front of Congress. However — he did not include the one person who he (and his followers) feel is at the heart of this matter — Christopher Steele.

However, according the to Washington Post, Peter Strzok is among those subpoenaed.  Strzok is the one who Nunes and others believe got the entire ball rolling.  And so what if he did, if there was something there to investigate — something truly illegal, potentially treasonous — I would think him a patriot for his desire to take down the Trump campaign.

He’s also concerned with the FBI using informants to get information from Trump campaign members — something Trey Gowdy even admitted was done in proper order.

So with all that — I don’t think Nunes is worried about really partisanship at all — I think he’s worried that eventually the flow of Russian money and the level of Russian social engineering (along with non-Russian dirty pool tactics — Koch Bros anyone) will be discovered and shutdown — which would totally result in a blue wave.  Consider this, it takes dirty games,  gerrymandering and gobs of money into bogus ‘fake news’ propaganda (money from within the US and from without — thanks to Citizen’s United) for them win by the barest of margins — if a big part of that is removed…no need to elaborate on that outcome.

We need to give up on the blaming Nunes and Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, or at least if we do we need to start including Pelosi and Schumer, and here’s why — they are all in bed with big money and none really represent the people of thier district.  They may THINK they do, by appeasing corporate interests in thier districts (creating a few Walmart jobs here and there), etc — but this only does harm in the long run by building a larger and larger ruling (influence) class — cuz let’s face it money is influence these days — to further erode the middle class’ political clout.

The only way to combat it is to go back to 1890-1930s Progressivism — a new workers movement that includes the business services industries — IT workers, people in offices working in Marketing, data analytics departments, etc.

We are made to think there two tiers of middle class (blue and white-collar).  This is not true — the middle class is a huge blend of professions and backgrounds — but the “Influence Class” is doing a great job of widening the gap between and pitting people who feel they are in one class or the other against each other.

To one element of middle class, people with college educations and work in offices in front of computers all day are ‘elitists’ and to many people who work in business settings view non-college educated farm workers or factory workers with, not disdain, but as ‘less than’ in an unexplainable way — this is by design — as it pervades all elements of media from movies, tv shows, books, etc.

But it’s the idea of that blue or white collar class thats viewed negatively from both sides — not the individual people, which shows we are all in it together and are no different really and until we can bring the entire middle class back together and aim our ire at the true engineer of our current predicament (as seen from either side) we are going to be stuck where we are — and it will only get worse.

So, rather than fight over conservative or liberal — let’s fight as workers against the “influence class” — the class that includes the Trumps AND(!!) the Clintons (and the Bushs, Romneys, Gores, Bidens).

Follow the money that’s being taken from you, either as tax or for the products you buy — and you’ll see where real rot is.

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The Associated Press on Twitter: “President Trump tweets he has accepted resignation of scandal-plagued EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt. https://t.co/ljD9ZHNIDs”

It’s a good day for the environment, even if it’s temporary, Scott Pruitt has resigned!  Unfortunately she has to change pads and get back on the ice to battle the next administrator for another 15 minutes — wait — this isn’t hockey!  Man!?!


via The Associated Press on Twitter: “President Trump tweets he has accepted resignation of scandal-plagued EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt. https://t.co/ljD9ZHNIDs”